Hi, I’m Vinay! This is my website to put up random stuff I wrote or made. I write mostly computer stuff – how-to’s for setup and modifications, repair guides, and some small code projects. So far there isn’t much here, I’m adding stuff whenever I have the time to write it.

I’m an electronics and computers enthusiast and tinkerer, computer repair technician and a university computer engineering student.

I also love photography, especially nature scenery and ultra close up shots – revealing tiny beauty that otherwise goes missed. There’s a collection of some of my favorites here as well as on my Instagram here.

I also have a few hundred display photos of several different computer models here – I refurbished and sold computers for a couple of years, and these are the advertisement photos.

I also have an article I wrote explaining computer RAM memory [in progress, not done writing it]: Computer RAM Types: An Explainer

My github: github.com/vinaypundith

I’m adding more articles whenever I get the time. Many more computer explainers and repair guides to come soon.